How We Work

Less work, energy and water... More product, food and income.


  • Recieving customer requests
  • Analysing landscape structure
  • Deciding irrigation type
  • Calculating water consumption
  • Calculating energy consumption
  • Determinating pumps, filters, laterals
  • Project drawing


  • Project handling
  • Land reclamation
  • Drilling for water
  • Supplying irrigation parts
  • Producing needed parts
  • Applying parts
  • Applying automation
  • Activating and testing system
  • Training and consulting

Import & Export

  • Determining agriculture machines
  • Importing and distributing
  • Supplying spare parts
  • Giving service
  • Training
  • Repairing
  • Exporting
  • Consulting
  • Planning

R&D, Production

  • Determining needs and problems on farming
  • Combining new technology with experience
  • Determining raw metarials to use
  • Developing prototype
  • Testing and trials
  • Industrial producing
  • Marketing, distributing
  • Giving service
In this particular area, our company is dealing with both trade (import, export) and production of tractor mounted agricultural equipments and machinery. Main products regarding subject are  ; Spring cultivators, Vertical push spring heavy chisels, seeding machines, Seed bad preparation combinations, Pruners for intensive orchards, shredders-mulchers, hydraulic offset soil cultivators for vineyards and orchards, spare parts for related machineries. Bulancak engineering team together with the long term experiences and knowhow can design the machine park and necessary equipments of any type of professional agricultural farm.
Our Research & Development team is working for solving various sophisticated agricultural mechanisation problems, preparing new designs and manufacturing prototypes. Currently 2 Mechanical Engineers, 2 Agricultural Engineers, 2 Industrial Engineers, 1 Electric-Electronic Engineer and 1 Computer Engineer are working in our company.
Our machine workshop equipped with most modern CNC lathes, plasma cutter, shaping and welding machines. We are able to do various elastic manufacturing with this plant. The equipments, machinery and spare parts that's not produce by Bulancak are purchased and/or imported from other qualified suppliers from Turkey and all over the world through distributorship and dealership agreements of Bulancak.


Bulancak can held any type of irrigation projects (drip, sprinkler, travellers, linear, C.Pivot)design, consultancy, procurements, implementation and installation. The levels of our service can be as below:

  1. Project Design
  2. Consultancy
  3. Procurement
  4. Turn Key Projects
  5. Training
Recycling Materials
Solar Energy
Eco Ideas